The Brookfield is one of the oldest properties in Braunton, having been built in 1798 by a wealthy gentleman farmer by the name of Edward Harris who had made his fortune through owning the lime kilns at Vellator.

The land which went with the property stretched down from its frontage to the River
Caen, as far back as the Exeter Road to it's rear, and down as far as what is now known as Vellator Way.


As well as what was then called Brookfield House, the family also owned the properties opposite which were provided to their farm manager, the Coach House which now sits on the opposite side of Brookfield Close, and various other cottages which have subsequently been demolished.


The property stayed in the ownership of the family until 1891 when it was sold at auction by a local agent, Sanders & Son, but then came back into the family again in 1902 when it came under the ownership of Elizabeth Peard, nee Harris.


The property was sold once again at auction in 1922, this time by John Smale of Barnstaple, and over the next 50 years a variety of owners sold off the majority of the estate.


Brookfield House became The Brookfield Hotel in the 1970's and stayed as a fully licensed hotel until early this century.